Model & Framework

From start to finish, our firm’s award-winning EvaluMetrics™ System fuels value, enhancing quality and search process efficiencies unmatched in executive search. It lies at the very heart of Intelisearch’s differentiated value offering. The system was conceived by the firm’s founder, a SONY-trained leadership assessment expert. This analytical tool enables 360° capture of the client’s needs and enables conversion of the need into a directly correlated leadership assessment and execution platform–this represents the very vanguard of tax leadership search industry practices.

Multi-Level Assessment:

Why the cold, hard facts are hardly enough

In today’s uniquely cultured employer brands, poor compatibility continues to account for nearly one in three failed leadership placements. Not qualifications, but rather, things like leadership alignment, culture compatibility and personal style. Which is why Intelisearch takes these factors so seriously. These “soft-side” characteristics have been notoriously hard to judge and even harder to measure or quantify–until now.

Through EvaluMetrics™, Intelisearch begins the talent assessment process where most competitors end it–with technical tax and Fundamental requirements. The rigor, however, extends much further into a second phase of evaluation; the vital soft side that is so critical to an incoming leader’s success in your unique environment. This Compatibility filter benchmarks talent against leadership alignment, culture-fit, and personal style considerations. A third and final phase, Feasibility, paves the way to smooth execution. It is in essence a gate-check that takes a hard final look at, assesses and advises on the uncertainties and probabilities associated with key outcome determinants; such as compensation, encumbrances, and degree of interest. The result is a slate of finalists who are not only on-point, but who are also on a clear path to execution. No other firm forces issues, minimizes barriers to execution, and places the client in the cockpit so rigorously and so systematically.

Capture and Marketing:

Understanding your opportunity as if it were our own

Our process starts by digging deep to harness every advantage your company and this opportunity can offer. The result is a 360° articulation that differentiates your opportunity from those of your competitors. It turns a simple job description into a compelling business case for your position; able to pique the interest of any well-positioned star–especially those not active in the job market. This unique capture process, in itself, often catalyzes changes in the offering that while minor, can make the difference between a protracted or compromised effort and a controlled, timely success.

Intelligence & Reporting:

Calibrating for success every step of the way

Information is power and keeping execution front and center requires timely consideration of market and competitive employer intelligence. From search to execution, transparency and objective intelligence are crucial to our success. Our obsession with collaboration springs from our belief that hard intelligence is an indispensable element of sound advisory. Through pre-plotted ongoing reporting, we not only communicate progress milestones, opportunities, and obstacles, we arm you with full disclosure of market coverage, sourcing rationale and analytics that expose our progress and substantiate our advisory. Why? Because we recognize that in today’s environment, a clear line of sight into our work isn’t only your right, it’s your fiduciary responsibility.

Performance Measurement:

The one thing we scrutinize more than our candidates: OURSELVES

Intelisearch is a new-model firm grounded in an old-fashioned belief: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t claim it”. From search to success, EvaluMetrics™ has pioneered a set of performance metrics that quantifiably chart our performance against every value measure critical to your success. From fill cycles to overall market coverage; from reach to sustained effort; from finalists seen, those brought back, to acceptance ratios. We are uniquely driven to execute with distinction–to find leaders who are as determined and competent as you are. The rigor we put into our own measurement reflects that. So does the pride we take in working to your standards of success–and not our own.


“One of a kind” results, time after time

From productivity to morale, we understand that an empty tax seat is an expensive proposition. We also know that when you bring us on as part of your team, our first priority is to fill that seat–without compromise. For more than 15 years, we have been doing that, and so much more, for some of the world’s largest and most demanding clients. Time and time again, our systematic search process generates tax candidate slates in which each and every finalist–not just one or two in the field–is ready willing and able to:

  • adapt to and thrive in your unique environment
  • become a valuable long-term resource
  • grow with the increasing demands of the function
  • create immediate value that will continually increase

Because we deploy a team of consultants on each search, not one, we penetrate our targeted tax talent markets and engage tax talent faster and more powerfully. More resources, more effort dedicated to your cause, a more on-point message to deliver to world-class tax leaders–and a more rigorous assessment along more relevant evaluation criteria–all arrows pointed toward one target: stronger results. You’ll experience them by accelerated slates that are rationalized and validated by a broader pool of talent.

One of a kind results, time after time: that’s why Intelisearch wins so many engagements from the world’s most impressive employer brands.

Post-Search Value and Representation:

Ensuring that every search ends at the beginning of a lasting success

Because the Intelisearch model was created on the client side, we understand that integrating an incoming leader into your team and culture can be an unnerving experience. We keep this top of mind every inch of the way. So when your position is successfully filled, your Intelisearch team will help ensure a smooth on-boarding with situation-specific tools and insights. At the 30-day mark, we will assess and liaise with you to strengthen the new relationship and bridge early gaps.

Since we also serve as your face to the public, every member of the Intelisearch team is keenly aware of our role as stewards of your brand. Rest assured that we handle our knowledge with care and afford all those touched by our work a level of responsiveness and responsibility you will be proud of. It’s how we build business partnerships that last.

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