Why Intelisearch?

With top Global 25 client-side experience, specialization in tax, Baldrige-level recognition for process quality and innovation, and a uniquely analytical and culture-fit intensive model, Intelisearch is positioned, qualified and committed to execute your tax leadership search precisely and efficiently.

Process, Results, Intelligence, Transparency

Intelisearch is a new kind of tax leadership search firm, offering a proven and compelling alternative to the traditional and risky retained search model. Using its EvaluMetrics™ process framework and proprietary culture-fit centric assessment platform, Intelisearch generates more “in sync” finalists and unexpected value than other firms can, merely by size or instinct. In doing so, we create measurable ROI that’s supported from search-to-success, by analytics and through metrics backed accountability that can be found nowhere else in the tax leadership search industry.

From its Stamford, Connecticut headquarters, Intelisearch has been helping its clients improve their tax positions in the U.S. and overseas–from globally diversified Fortune 100s to pre-IPO start-ups–for more than 15 years. In doing so, Intelisearch continues to distinguish itself by defining and delivering performance that far exceeds industry standards. Intelisearch’s success metrics and unrelenting commitment to quality and innovation around search “process” are inspired by one thing: to deliver stronger value to our clients.

This breakthrough model and its results earned Intelisearch America’s oldest Baldrige-level quality award: the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award. Past CTQIA winners include General Electric, IBM, Xerox, Citibank and DuPont.


Bringing a new approach to the tax search space and unrivaled results to our clients

When the process is right, the results follow. In a field crowded by scores of stodgy, look-alike giants and countless undifferentiated boutiques, Intelisearch stands out boldly and with distinction. The difference: a revolutionary model that is built on analytics and steered by deep leadership assessment expertise. The result: a robust, systematic and reproducible method that consistently delivers stronger and more fitting leadership capital solutions–and value. The engine: Intelisearch’s EvaluMetrics™ System–an analytics-based leadership selection platform inspired by the on-the-ground experiences of a top HR executive at a Global 25 brand–a high octane client environment every bit as demanding as yours; one where high ROI talent acquisition is not a luxury, but the imperative.

Powered by a unique competency and compatibility-centric process, Intelisearch makes it possible to analytically determine why one tax leader represents a better, more productive fit than another seemingly similar candidate. From day one, the model generates actionable, consultative insights and ensures excellence in every phase of execution. This new model represents a true first in executive search–a distinction validated by a Baldrige-level quality award for innovation.


We point to ours, others dance around them

Great hires raise the bar around the entire tax leadership table. They embody your organization’s ideals and standards. They fight doggedly to achieve the mission. And, in and of themselves, become recruiting magnets who enhance your overall employer value proposition. Providing you a full slate of “spot-on” tax finalists who are defined by superior caliber, culture fit and proven impact–as opposed to one good leader in a field of straw men–improves results every time, and by any measure. As our client, you’ll see the results of our work quantified along every measure you value–on every search. Which is why, unlike many competitors, we are so willing to hold ourselves so measurably accountable.


Advisory that improves your total recruiting environment

Are the expectations of today's coveted tax leaders changing? What are the hallmarks of the most attractive tax role structures? How can you compensate for weak links in your offering? From compensation intelligence, to competitive trends; from creative offer development, to improving your on-site interview experience–our advisory services do more than help you fill the position at hand. By unearthing all key barriers and leverage points, we’re able to stimulate interest and compel those on the way up–not out–those reluctant highest demand leaders you covet, but who so often prove beyond the grasp. Just another way Intelisearch outsmarts, outruns and outperforms the competition.


Continuously validated and optimized strategy

From the very onset of our relationship, you will see and feel the Intelisearch difference. As a smaller, more nimble, niche firm, Intelisearch is not encumbered by contractual obligations with hundreds or thousands of clients, or by intra-firm bureaucracy. What’s more, we never shroud our process in a cloak of secrecy. With Intelisearch, you see every milestone every step of the way. And you’ll see those prospects who are fast becoming finalists, and why, through Most Advanced Prospects (MAP) reporting, which identifies candidates rising through every phase of our award-winning Fundamentals, Compatibility and Feasibility filters.

By leveraging analytics-driven advisory to explore the most fitting tax recruiting solutions with you, we exploit every opportunity and eliminate the wasted time that typifies so many failed or stalled searches–we keep your search on-point and you in command. This level of transparency ensures that you will reap the highest return on your investment with Intelisearch. And, just as important, from your incoming tax leader.